“Kristina carries such a fabulous energy.  I always look forward to yoga classes with her. I appreciate how she checks in with her students and is attentive to our needs.  She inspires me to investigate and accept how I am in my body in the current moment. Kristina is very creative. She continues training and learning on her own and brings back fresh knowledge to share.  She incorporates energizing strength and balance work, cleansing twists, and restorative rest poses. I leave her classes feeling rejuvenated and calm. I highly recommend practicing with her.” - Anna

“I was new to yoga when I first started taking classes with Kristina.  At the time, the idea of making yoga a regular part of my week didn't even cross my mind.  I just signed up for a free class and hoped to get a good workout out of it.  Kristina was the teacher of that free class and she immediately made me feel comfortable.  She recognized that I was new and helped me through each exercise.  She was incredibly accepting and positive.  I was lucky to have her as the instructor that day.  If you have never done yoga before and it is something you have always thought about trying, Kristina is the perfect instructor to give it a shot with.

Since that first class, I have taken roughly a dozen more with her since.  I have seen positive gains in strength and pliability.  She has a really good understanding of my personal goals and does a great job preparing each class with exercises that specifically address what I care about most.  Try her out... you won't regret it!” - Paul